How I.F.F helps

With I.F.F, trees are helping people create thriving, sustainable communities in remote and isolated areas of Africa. Our approach is sustainable and cost-effective. We provide:

  • Trees and seedlings to grow food, improve the environment and much more
  • Training to grow and care for trees, set up tree nurseries, and earn an income sustainably
  • Tools such as buckets, pestles, mortars, wheelbarrows, and even bicycles!

You can grow hope today by fundraising for I.F.F or by making a donation.

Staffing, management capacity and membership:
Names of Board members and professional background.
List of administrative staff position inside the organization.
  • Programmer Coordinator.
  • Finance Officer
  • Admin Officer
  • Logistic Officer
  • Media Officer (Public Information Officer)
  • Social Officer
  • Driver
  • Executive Board of Tree Africa Foundation
  • Programmer Coordinator (chairman)
  • Admin Officer (member)
  • Finance Officer (member)

We at I.F.F dedicate these recognitions to our NGO planting partners, the tribal and rural communities involved in the planting process and the thousands of individuals and 160+ corporate supporters who have planted trees through I.F.F.